Rideshare for your family pets

At PuBeRRR, we pick up your pet and drop them off anywhere with in the Las Vegas valley. Most pets are welcome!


Look no further, your pet Genie is here to offer you pet rideshare assistance.

We are a pet owner family striving to meet the needs of other pet owners. We offer transportation to veterinary and grooming appointments, boarding/kennels, training facilities, pet day camp, emergency clinics, pet events or any other destination within the Nevada Valley.  We will drop off your pet and pick them up when their appointment is complete. We also offer pick up and departure services from McCarran International Airport Las Vegas, Nevada.

PUBERRR LLC transportation service grants you the freedom, with some sense of relief, while we aim to make your life easier. LICENSED, BONDED, & INSURED!

What PuBeRRR transportation brings to you

Safety, Reliability and Courteous service are the extras you receive when you experience PUBERRR LLC transportation service.

Anyone can get you from point A to point B. It’s the reliability, professionalism, care, and attention to you and your pet’s every need that separates us from any taxicab or pet rideshare service.

We aid with getting your pet onto the PuBeRRR BUS!  Our driver will assist with carrying your pet down or assisting you in any way that makes loading easier. We make every effort to accommodate any special request you may need to make your pet’s trip a safe, comfortable, and worry-free experience.


Meet & Greet

We offer a one-time free home consultation. This consultation allows us to review your individual pet needs and addresses any questions or concerns that you may have. We strive to provide you the best service for you and your pets. Please fill out the contact form and we will work together to schedule a meet & greet.

Handling Equipment

Our vehicle is equipped with a pets first aid kit, a variety of sizes of muzzles, crates, leashes, and harnesses. All cats are required to be crated for the simple reason that they are more difficult to restrain and the chances of them escaping are considerably higher. When transporting dogs, we usually crate all dogs except when the owner is occupying their pet, if the dog is too large for the available crate or if the dog is injured, and crating is not possible. In these cases, we prefer that dogs wear a harness to be safely fastened and secured in our vehicle. Dogs that show aggression towards people or other dogs will need to be crated to be transported.


Our main objective is to respond to your call in a timely manner. Our experience with handling injured and critically ill pets will provide your pet with the care necessary to be safely transported to the nearest animal emergency facility.

Our deceased pet transport service can provide you with a compassionate and dignified way of getting your pet to their final resting place. We will transport your pet to your regular vet hospital, nearest animal emergency clinic, or directly to one of the pet cemeteries/crematories.

*Emergency and deceased pet transport service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.




      Flat Rate



      Flat Rate



      Flat Rate

      or, monthly subscription

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      You can schedule an appointment by calling us or by email. We recommend that you make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance to increase the chances of getting the time and day you prefer; however, we do offer same day appointments when available.

      Cancellation Policy

       If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, we ask for a 1-hour minimum. Once in route, the minimum one-way quote will be charged.


      PuBeRRR is not a pet sitting, pet boarding, or pet shelter service and will not be liable or responsible for the left pets or any associated fees.


      Our vehicle only has allotted space for our pet passengers. Unfortunately due to this limited seating, owners can not ride with their pets. If you are planning not to be home at pick up or drop time for your pet, please make sure that the individuals who will be handing off/receiving your pet from us are notified and prior arrangement made with them such as payment for their services, care instructions, consent forms, confirmation of appointment with them or any other important information required by the pet service provider.

      Yes!  There are times when customers request for their pet to be picked up or drop off when they are not at home. In these cases, we are usually given keys to the apartment or home. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded and all client keys that we have in our procession are securely stored away when not in use. References offered upon request.

      With our Airport Terminal Service, you and your pet will be taken or picked up at the departure/arrival curbside area of the airport. We will need your flight information at the time you schedule your appointment.

      Our Airport Cargo Service consists of us personally delivering your pet to the airline’s cargo area. We ensure that your pet is prepared for its flight by checking that all required documentation is in order, kennel is assembled correctly and is airline approved.

      We can transport the stray pet to the nearest animal control facility. Please note that the person requesting the service will need to accompany the pet and regular pet taxi rates will apply. You can also try contacting your local animal control facility.

      Our Airport Cargo Service consists of us personally delivering your pet to the airline’s cargo area. We ensure that your pet is prepared for its flight by checking that all required documentation is in order, kennel is assembled correctly and is airline approved. Also, could provide long distance ground transport delivery to/from the pet’s destination to various states upon arrangement!